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THE LINE COMPANY Maxima, as the tag line reads is  “a line company”. They do what they do best and only that. They have been manufacturing premium quality monofilament since their start in in 1920. At the time craftsmanship and quality were a matter of pride. The founder, Max Gottlieb Meinel established Maxima in Markneukirchen, Germany. In the early 1950s Maxima built a new plant in Geretsried  where they are still located today. Nestled in the hills of Bavaria, the Maxima facility is a state of the art facility where they produce monofilament, fluorocarbon and braided lines for the world market. Fishermen in over 70 countries count on Maxima lines. Maxima is dominant in fisheries that are demanding with tough conditions and big fish. Coastal western North America salmon and Sturgeon fisheries. Fly fisheries across North America, Australia salt and fresh water fisheries, England, Japan, South Africa and the list goes on. Renowned for their outstanding abraision resistance. Maxima lines offer exceptional tensile and knot strength. Once you have fished Maxima lines you will not go back to other brands.
Often imitated, never duplicated. Maxima is simply the best a line can offer.